What is the best multi channel ecommerce platform? – Our research says PrestaShop

multi channel ecommerce platform

Running a multi channel retail business can be very challenging because making sure that all of those channels work together seamlessly is a lot of work that not everyone is willing to put in. One of the best things that you can use when running a multi channel retailing business is an ecommerce platform that can help you make things run smoothly and probably the best multi channel ecommerce platform out there is PrestaShop, so make sure to keep reading to find out more about it.

PrestaShop is actually an open source software and some of the things that it is best known for is the fact that it offers tons of features as well as some great opportunities to customize the platform and make it your own. And while customization isn’t necessarily something that everyone wants or needs, features definitely are and this platform is packed full of them so you will definitely be able to find everything you need.

Something that sets PrestaShop, the best multi channel ecommerce platform, apart from all of the other platforms is the fact that it offers multichannel integration with Amazon that is super advanced and it will only cost you $119 for the plugin. Once you get the plugin you will also get free customer support that is available to your 24/7 and that you can access via chat, phone or email, depending on what works best for you. This plugin also requires you to have a professional selling account with the marketplace, but once all of that is set up you will easily be able to migrate your products over to Amazon which makes things very convenient.

Apart from Amazon this platform can also be integrated with eBay for which there is also a plugin, just like there is for Amazon. Another marketplace that PrestaShop will allow you to ingrate with is Google Shopping and you can do that via the Google Shopping module that the platform offers. This isn’t too popular just yet, but having this will allow you to list all of your products on the Google Shopping marketplace and since there is an audience of thousands of prospective buyers there, you will surely be able to make some great profit out of it.

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business can have catastrophic consequences, so going with something that has proven to be great is definitely the way to go without taking any unnecessary risks. PrestaShop, the best multi channel ecommerce platform, may just be the right one for you and hopefully this article helped you figure that out.